Case Study: Tanabi Group

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Euros Jones-Evans, Founder/CEO

Based in Wales, Tanabi is a digital media company which provides services from advertising to filmmaking for its clients. Founded in 2006, Tanabi has developed across the UK and expanded to the US.

As a company, we have found that the main obstacles facing us in the US are local taxes, laws and applications for permits. While Tanabi operates both in the UK and in the US, the trade barriers to operate in the US are certainly challenging compared, for example, to the Latin American marketplace, especially Colombia, where it is set to grow exponentially primarily because there are far fewer tariffs and export subsidies. Lowering the barriers in order to retain the talent that is needed to stay competitive in an ever-increasing marketplace is crucial. Essentially, the EU-US trade agreement negotiations could help our business by levelling the playing field and enabling access to more support for the business operating in the US. A successful agreement could serve as a symbol of real contribution towards a shared British-American long-term vision; and it would certainly help our company to be a part of that vision.


Company Profile
Industry: Media
Region: Wales
Main obstacles: Tariffs; permits

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